• Export of Japanese goods and foods, EC site operation

    The biggest city in Europe or Moscow, which is an important markets but not yet been familiar to Japanese people.
    Saint Petersburg, where the Hermitage Museum is located. To all who are going to export Japanese goods to these cities, we will help you publish on our EC site and support your day to day business.
    Our EC site will opening in November, 2016!

  • Import of Russian Good and Food Products

    In current Japanese markets, most consumers may not be aware of Russia import good and food products as most of this items releases a great warm feeling experience’s to consumers and this included matryoshka.
    These is a great potential market investment with Russian products in our japan market, as our current consumer have yet been explore and given great opportunity in this areas. Our EC Company is reaching out to all potential business customer which is keen on importing Russian goods, to approach us for professional site support with your valuable goods
    Our experience local based Russian manager will be your greatest assets help to assists you in all aspects of wholesales or purchase local goods in Russia markets.

  • EC Management Consultant Team

    Our director had been helping our business customer in applying and using subsidy as a Small Business Consultant for the past 36 years in SME support institutes.
    To all who are keen or plan on applying ‘manufacturing subsidy’ and ‘fund business grants’, We will be your greatest consultant to resolve any potential issues and helping you to apply throughout the process.


Our Potential PARTNER

To all who are considering to be our sales partner

Japanese companies that are considering overseas expansion, craftsmen, that are going to deal with Russian products, or those who needs advice about management, feel free to contact us JAPAN Brand HAL.
  • Greetings


Company Information



1956 Born in Ritsurin,Takamatsu,Kagawa,Japan

<Brief Biography>

1978 Graduation from the Kansai University, department of engineering, faculty of metallurgy

1979 Kagawa industry support foundation

1995 Get qualifications of Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant (NO.106864)

Mar., 2015 Early retirement from the foundation

Jun., 2015 Founded JAPAN Brand HAL CO.,Ltd.

Jun., 2015 Issuance of founded subsidy H26 (26 foundation37002)

Aug., 2015 Issuance of Japan Brand subsidy H27 (201508 Shikoku area 5th)

27, Oct., 2015 Angel tax system application accepted (20150929 Shikoku#14)

Apr., 2016 Registration as an expert of Kagawa Industry Support Foundation for 2016

Apr., 2016 Registration as a coordinator with Small and Medium sized Enterprise Support for 2016

Apr., 2016 Appointed as a committee of evaluation and management for Takamatsu Chamber of commerce management development plan from 2016 to 2019

Apr., 2016 Appointed as an expert leader of Takamatsu Chamber of commerce for 2016

Apr., 2016 Appointed as an expert of technical support and management for Takamatsu Chamber of commerce for 2016


Company name
President and CEO Hideo Shinkawa
2015,June 8
Capital stock
Work contents
Import and export of interior goods, dairy goods, clothes, folkcrafts, leather products, foods and drinks, product planning and development, produce of design and consulting, planning, production, management, consulting of events and exhibitions
#1002 Alpha States Kita Rokubankan,2661 Kita,Takamatsu,Kagawa, 760-0080,JAPAN
Mobile Russia


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